Topserve Service Solutions, Inc. was founded and established on January 27, 1997 by Alex F. Tanwangco. Starting with a core staff of six, Topserve created a niche in the aviation industry in 1999 when it headed Aircraft Maintenance Servicing for a list of airline partners. Today, we have successfully expanded our list of partners in manufacturing and packing services, retail, hotels, fast food chains, warehousing and logistics, courier and delivery services, administrative/office-based services, business process outsourcing, and the academe.

With our vision to be one of the country’s top competent service contractors in the industry, we ensure full compliance with Labor Laws and delivery of high-quality services to our clientele, with utmost care to our employees.

Our mission is to create a dedicated professional workforce to cater to business partners’ requirements and build long-term business partnerships based on competitiveness, competency, and transparency. Thriving on our corporate values of Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Fairness, we consistently aspire to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Currently, we have more than 400 internal employees and 24,000 deployed employees with 16 offices nationwide. Topserve’s latest conquest is the engagement with the Learning Management System (LMS) nationwide, which is very opportune and necessary during this New Normal.

Topserve will continue to expand to provide more jobs to uplift the lives of the Filipino people and contribute to the recovery of the economy. 


Topserve celebrates
25 years of teamwork
and excellence

"While the pandemic has greatly affected all aspects of our personal and professional lives, we at Topserve are proud to say that we have borne the brunt of its effects and remain standing strong. It is ever our privilege to contribute to the ongoing growth of the Filipino economy, while upholding our advocacy to provide jobs for people, especially in these trying times."


Chairman & President 



We shall aim to create a dedicated professional workforce for business employers according to their particular needs and requirements.


We shall build long-lasting business relationships with our clients based on our competitiveness.  We will provide our clients with the highest level of customer satisfaction by focusing on their specific needs and offering them reasonable pricing schemes. We will be honest and fair with all our business dealings. We will be mindful of our company’s image which will be defined by our company’s core values.


We shall employ individuals and place them in jobs that suit their skills and potential.  We will develop the talents of our employees so they could reach their full potential.


We shall strive to continue our business on a sound financial basis to create profitable growth and opportunities to reward our employees. Our aim is to expand the organization for the purpose of strengthening our ability to serve our customers and to provide a secure future for our employees.





To be one of the country’s most competent duly registered contractors delivering high-quality services to its clientele and with utmost care to its employees.