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Topserve Lights up the Night!

What a night to remember! Topserve’s Neon Lights Christmas Party 2023 at Sofitel Plaza Manila last December 1st was an absolute blast.

The registration raffle roulette was a hit! Seeing everyone’s excited faces as they won prizes added an extra layer of joy to the evening. The photo booths were a blockbuster! From neon props to silly poses, the pictures are a testament to the laughter and togetherness that filled the air.

Attendees were entertained by the extraordinary talents of their colleagues. From singing to dance floor divas, and all were enchanted by the saxophone serenade, adding a touch of elegance to the Neon Lights Christmas Party celebration. Dinner feast with delicious bites, flowing drinks, and a playlist from the chairman’s very own band had them dancing all night.

Thanks to everyone for making this party one for the books! It's not just about the neon lights; it's about the shining personalities that lit up the night. Let's keep this joyful spirit going into the rest of the holiday season!

Wishing you all merry and bright Holidays!

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